Designed for College and University students of various disciplines who hold an interest in mobility and technology, the Global Challenge recruits teams of students from around the world to solve a mobility challenge in hopes of advancing to the final round in Los Angeles, California.

The Global Challenge consists of 3 stages of competition that culminate in a World Championship Olympic Challenge at the ITS World Congress taking place October 4 – 8, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.  The 3 stages consist of the following:

1. Regional Competition Ideation:  In this stage of the competition, student teams will submit an ideation / solution via written submittal to their respective region contact (Asia Pacific, Americas, or Europe).  All students will respond to the same challenge question but will relate it to a problem or opportunity within their school’s home Country (for Asia Pacific and Europe) or State (for Americas).  These submittals will have a required outline with associated scoring rubric and will be reviewed and scored by leaders from the region.  The top 5 scoring teams of each region will move on to the next stage of competition.  Unless otherwise specified by each team, all papers will be displayed on the 2020 ITS World Congress website for visibility of the great work by the world’s college and university students!

2. Regional Finals Presentation:  Each team will submit their work to their respective region contact (Asia Pacific, Americas, or Europe).  Presentations will be viewed and scored by a judging panel.

*The highest scoring team from each region will be selected to attend and compete in the World Championship Olympic Challenge at the 2020 ITS World Congress in Los Angeles.

3. World Championship Competition:  The 3 teams representing each of their regions will compete in the World Championship Competition on-site at the 2020 ITS World Congress and will be sponsored by their respective ITS regional organization.  The teams will be presented with a mobility challenge related to the 2028 Summer Olympics that will take place in Los Angeles.  Also, during the week, these teams will interact with entrepreneurs and industry/government representatives in the area of intelligent mobility.  They will also be able to participate in hands on activities involving exhibits and live demonstrations.

Follow your region’s representative team at the 2020 ITS World Congress!
The organizers of the ITS World Congress will provide opportunities through various social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for all to follow the activities of the 3 teams throughout their on-site activities at the ITS World Congress. 

The World Championship will be live broadcast via social media, and we encourage ALL registered teams to follow the posted activities and competition to cheer on their region’s representative!


ITS World Congress, Los Angeles 2020

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) is looking forward to welcoming colleagues from around the world to America’s west coast. The city of Los Angeles is where west meets east – it truly defines the conference theme, ‘The New Age of Mobility.’ It is the hub of moving people, data and freight.

Los Angeles takes the long view when making transportation decisions by developing innovative ways for people to move around the city. Just as it did for the 1984 Olympics, the city is making infrastructure improvements in advance of the 2028 games that will benefit residents for decades to come – including Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Twenty-Eight by ’28 initiative to complete 28 transit projects by 2028.

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the two largest in the nation and combined are the tenth largest in the world. Together, they move roughly 40% of the nation’s total containerized imports and 30% of exports. The modernization through technology at these ports is an example of how to move the 21st century economy.

In addition, Los Angeles is the leader in using data to improve its transportation system, which is key to improving safety, managing congestion, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

ITS America members are eager to engage with others around the world who share our vision of a better future transformed by intelligent mobility – one that is safer, greener and smarter. We look forward to a transformational event, and I hope you will join us in Los Angeles in 2020.

The Emerging Leaders Program is a part of the 27th ITS World Congress.