Submission guidelines

Your submission needs to follow below guidelines. 

Phase 1: Declaration
of intent

  • University name, address
  • ½ page (max. 350 words) stating motivation & focus of the paper 
  • 3-5 people per team 


Team registrations are closed.

Phase 2:
Final paper contribution

  • 5-10 written pages, including introduction, problem solution, and final summary

Additionally, students need to provide:

  • 0,5 page abstract 
  • bibliography 
  • annex (if applicable)

All pages must have the following margins and sizes:

  • Margins: no smaller than 3 cm
  • Font: 11-point

Please send your final paper in one PDF file named “University name_Name team leader” to by 30 April 2020. Please include as email subject “European Challenge – Name of your university”.


Scoring of each team’s written submittal will be consistent throughout all regions and will include elements of creativity, feasibility, applicability, plans for gaining public acceptance, etc.

The following framework will be used to evaluation submissions: 

  • Clarity of problem statement and implications to your field 
  • Showing an understanding of current mobility context, including opportunities & challenges
  • Showing an understanding of all actors involved 
  • Combining existing infrastructure with current and future technologies 
  • Originality, innovation and creativity 
  • Considering impact on society & environment 
  • Considering negative externalities 
  • Overall presentation & structure of the paper 


For any questions and further information, please contact

The Emerging Leaders Program is a part of the 27th ITS World Congress.